Week 7 – Cubed

Week 7 (10/10/2016 – 16/10/2016) – Cubed

I met with a former classmate from the Graphic Design certificate program for a coffee session to go through some of our personal projects and lament about the state of the economy and job market. This guy, who had never touched Adobe Illustrator before our program, only took a couple of weeks to find his groove and he is now illustrating some seriously awesome car vector graphics, some of which he has already made money from (so jealous). He’s also got a line of t-shirts coming out soon. A true hustler; he just gets it done. What he has been able to accomplish is motivating and inspiring, and it pushes me to try my best.

While we were chatting, I couldn’t help but notice the fabric pattern of the booth across from me in the coffee shop. I liked the clean, geometric lines and colour scheme, and how it all blended together to create a cohesive yet interesting design. I used this as the inspiration for this week’s pattern – and I’m going back to basics, building and merging shapes and colours to get my groove back. It was as though I had dove into the deep end without a life jacket and proper swimming skills. I was attempting to create artwork that was beyond my own skill level – almost like trying to run without first learning to walk.

It’s nothing elaborate or technically challenging, but it did make me feel quite accomplished that I was able to stick with a design. And you know what? I had fun picking out a palette and choosing where to place each block of colour. If you look closely, some blocks of hexagons look like cubes, so I aptly named this week’s Illustrator piece “Cubed.”

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