Week 5 – Dog


Week 5 (26/09/2016 – 02/10/2016) – Dog

It appears that my abilities have regressed but the truth is I hit a slump and couldn’t find my groove all week. Many pieces that I started ended up being scrapped in frustration. It was like I had lost my mojo; as if it clocked out without telling me and went on a soul-searching pilgrimage in the backcountry where cellphone reception doesn’t exist.

With projects like this, it’s only the realization that the road towards the end will be full of peaks and valleys that actually progresses it forward. Accepting that some weeks will be better than others is a strange comfort to me – as if to tell myself, “it’s fine. You’re not a bad artist; you’re simply having a bad week.”

This may be a cop-out, but I did manage to get something done. It’s just a very simple outline of a dog, but I made it another week. I’m building discipline that I’m hoping will become strengthened as each week passes. If I keep my head down in defeat, I won’t be able to see that the road ahead is still wide open and welcoming.

It’s a bit of a downer this week, but it’s a time of reflection and a time to recollect myself to see this through to the next 47 weeks.

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