Week 4 – Parrot


Week 4 (19/09/2016 – 25/09/2016) – Parrot

I’ve been having a lot of fun making simple line drawings recently. When I first sketched out this parrot, I was intending to keep it as a monotone, sketchy-style line drawing but then became ambitious enough to start colouring.

At first it was fun picking out all the various shades and tones, but as I got into the detail a little more, the project became a little bigger and a lot more complex, and it definitely took more time to finish than my previous projects. Some moments, I was regretting my decision, especially I was working through the feathered areas, trying to bring out the various nuances, shades, and shadows.

It’s certainly not a photo-realistic rendering of this beautiful parrot, but I’m happy with the final product and how far I’ve already come in 4 weeks of using Illustrator.

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