Week 2 – Whimsy


Week 2 (05/09/2016 – 11/09/2016) – Whimsy

This week’s piece involved multiple different shapes and patterns converging into what I consider to be a rather whimsical pattern, hence the title of the artwork. I didn’t have to look too far for inspiration:


I bought a set of these cushions almost 10 years ago from Modcloth because the pattern instantly caught my eye. I love the neutral, earthy palette accented with a pop of cyan, and they ended up matching perfectly with the dark brown couch Mark and I bought together a few years ago.

As I studied the pattern in detail, I began to deconstruct each element into its own set of shapes, lines, and colours. Remembering how I learned in life drawing class that drawing is actually easy if you see the subject you’re rendering as simply a set of lines, this is the approach I took when building this pattern.

Even though it’s only the second week, I’m already feeling a lot more steady with free-hand drawing. There were also a lot of different “shortcuts” I was able to use, taking advantage of shapes and effects to build the elements.

I think I can be friends with Illustrator (*knock on wood*).

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