Week 10 – Autumn Foliage


Week 10 (31/10/2016 – 06/11/2016) – Autumn Foliage

Autumn is my favourite season, even though we don’t get enough of it in Calgary. Only two seasons exist in Calgary: Winter and Construction. If you blink, you will miss the leaves turning. Before you know it, all the trees are bare and the leaves are scattered all over the ground, dried up and shriveled. Having said that, I do love a good romp all over crispy, dried up leaves. The satisfying crunch underneath my feet somewhat alleviates the absence of a proper autumn season.

In autumn’s honour, I did a fun foliage-style pattern, although on closer inspection the “leaves” look more like lettuce. It’s still foliage! I had a bit too much fun with colour, as you can see; although I stuck to a general palette, I was liberal in applying different shades to the leaves. It’s not supposed to be realistic, since autumn doesn’t truly exist where I live.

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