Week 1 – Flower Pattern


Week 1 (29/08/2016 – 04/09/2016) – Flower Pattern

Initially I came out of the gate a little too enthusiastic and overly confident for my own good. I thought tackling a low poly art rendering of my foster dog would be a fun way to get to know Illustrator.



I may become brave enough one day to share with you the hideous mesh that is supposed to be the face of a dog (but instead is the stuff of nightmares), but today is not that day.

Instead, I focused on something a little more at my skill level. This flower pattern is inspired by one of my favourite J.Crew scarves.


Since this is the first week I gave myself a little leeway and used the heck out of my new best friend, the blob brush, instead of hand-drawing all the flowers and leaves with the pen tool. The result is a little flat, but vibrant nonetheless with the use of a simple colour scheme.

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