on getting older and feeling “different”

While out on a Sunday afternoon walk with our furball Sammy, Mark said something interesting that's been brewing around in my head: "I feel... different." This was in context to a conversation we were having about why he might've caught a nasty cold, even though he took all the typical precautions to keep himself healthy... Continue Reading →

comfort zone

When I think about my comfort zone, what immediately comes to mind is "couch, lounge pants, cup of tea, with a movie or book."  I enjoy spending time alone in my own world and as an introvert, this time alone is essential for recharging.  Usually an hour of being in my comfort zone is all... Continue Reading →

an april wedding

Last month we headed out on week-long trip out to the East, just in time to enjoy the last remnants of a Canadian winter, courtesy of Mother Nature and her always impeccable timing. Our first stop was Ottawa, Mark's hometown and location of his childhood friend Jason's wedding. Jason had asked Mark to be part... Continue Reading →


I grew up afraid of dogs.  When I was in elementary school, I told my friends that I was allergic to dogs because one of them had a feisty little Yorkie whose bark was worse than his bite but nonetheless scared the shit out of me.  I thought if I told her I was allergic... Continue Reading →


Architecture can be fascinating to photograph but I'm not particularly adept at architectural photography.  I ran a food blog for a few years so my repertoire was mostly - you guessed it - food. Participating in Photo 101 so far has ignited a desire to try photographing subjects of the non-edible kind.  When looking for... Continue Reading →

a pop of colour

I thought the theme of "pop & colour" would be easy to fulfill, but I had one heck of a time trying to find an image that really isolated and highlighted one particular colour.  This photo I recently took at the East Village isn't a perfect representation, however I think it works quite well.  I... Continue Reading →


One of the key criteria that needed to be fulfilled in our search for a new home was an abundance of windows to let in tons of natural light.  I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during the winter so it's especially important for me to have as much natural light as possible.  Our house... Continue Reading →

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