an april wedding

Last month we headed out on week-long trip out to the East, just in time to enjoy the last remnants of a Canadian winter, courtesy of Mother Nature and her always impeccable timing.

Our first stop was Ottawa, Mark’s hometown and location of his childhood friend Jason’s wedding. Jason had asked Mark to be part of his groomsmen party; of course he couldn’t turn down the invitation. Jason also happened to be the Best Man at our wedding 3 years ago so it only seemed fitting that the kind gesture be returned. Luckily for Mark, who is not so good at activities related to wedding planning of any sort, Jason is a super low-key type of guy who only asked that Mark show up wearing a certain type of suit.


Groomsmen’s boutonniere that we were all hopeless at pinning until the photographer saved us all.

The wedding took place at Dow’s Lake Pavilion. The snow, which had been falling ceaselessly the day before, finally receded and the sun came out in its full blaring glory. Sadly that wasn’t enough to warm up the temperature so the ceremony was (mercifully) moved inside.

I took this opportunity to expand on my limited photography skills and see if I could take some half-decent shots of the subject I’m most uncomfortable shooting: humans. I spend most of my time taking photos of food, inanimate objects, interiors, and landscapes. Shooting humans (I don’t mean with guns) has never been one of my strong suits.

The wedding party kindly let me tag along while they were having their group shots taken; one of the bridesmaids asked if I was another photographer because I was dressed in black (the preferred colour of wedding photographers, apparently). Although 90% of the human shots turned out abysmally, I did manage to capture a few decent group shots (if that bridesmaid could see those photos, she would confidently conclude that I am indeed NOT a photographer).


Groomsmen party, featuring a Grooms Lady


The lovely Bridal party


Group shot with mimosas, where Mark is contemplating how he can get away with not actually taking a sip for the next shot

Then it was time for lunch.


I love the place cards they made. Notice our cards specify no mash (for the main) and berries only for dessert. Such is the life of low-carbers.

At least my food photos turned out nicely (in my opinion, which means nothing by the way).


Starter: Tomato Soup with Basil Oil.


Main: Roast Chicken, Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Sauteed Green Beans & Red Peppers


Dessert: A plate of berries


No, we did not eat this cheesecake but my neighbour did. I asked her to describe it to me. Creamy but light, very moist. Then she apologised while eating it.


We did not eat this chocolate fudge cake either but I again asked for a description. Super rich, dense, and fudgy. Instead of apologising, she gleefully mocked us while she took bite after delicious bite.

I appreciated the chance to put my camera at work and try my hand at human photography. What was most enlightening was just how at ease and confident the real wedding photographers were, effortlessly gliding from one place to another and knowing just the right lighting and placement of their human subjects. I suppose that’s why they’re the professionals and I’m just a person with a camera.

Through all this I learned to appreciate how far I’ve come with the subjects I am comfortable shooting (e.g. food) and how much more there is to learn and challenge myself with.

The festivities were capped off with an evening reception featuring cake, bubbly, drunken dancing, and a DIY poutine bar. All in all, a lovely and fun wedding for a lovely and fun couple. Big congrats to Jason and Gisele, and many thanks to them for inviting us to be part of their special day.

But seriously Mother Nature, the snow was not cool.


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