One of the key criteria that needed to be fulfilled in our search for a new home was an abundance of windows to let in tons of natural light.  I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during the winter so it’s especially important for me to have as much natural light as possible.  Our house certainly fits the bill – we have an open concept floor plan with a soaring 18-ft ceiling and lots of big windows.

As much as we love this dramatic, open effect, we needed something to bring us more grounding, which is where the acquisition of plants starts to come into play.  When it comes to interior decorating, I tend to lean towards the accidental minimalist approach, simply because I don’t possess the patience and coordination necessary to put together a unified interior theme.  Case in point: our couch cushions, although comfortable and functional, were not bought with matching in mind; I just bought them randomly without thought to how they would go with the couch or the furniture.

So when it came time to choose some plants, we honestly didn’t know where to start.

A few weeks ago, we visited a local store aptly named Plant in Inglewood to check out their selection of terrariums.  The store itself is small but cosy, with a nice selection of plants that varied from succulents to cacti to bonsai trees.  I think we spent a good 15-20 minutes at the terrarium display mulling over all the different shapes, sizes, and arrangements of tiny ecosystems.  Debates ranged from where we would put them to how many to what sizes to what kind of display unit we wanted to get.  In the end, we left empty-handed because TOO MANY CHOICES.

We were back in the Inglewood area on a cold, dreary Saturday morning.  I was hoping to get out and take photos around the city but the weather simply was not cooperating.  I figured I would take the plunge and get a terrarium to cheer myself up.  The store was quiet so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of the terrarium display.

Even though it was awfully gray outside, you wouldn’t know it by the way this photo turned out.  The sun may have been hiding behind a veil of clouds but its rays were still able to reach down to this store window and provide sufficient light to give the appearance of warmth in this photo.  I think plant life in general evokes a feeling of warmth because of its natural beauty and it’s for this reason that we wanted to start introducing some of this into our home.

We did spend another 15-20 minutes in front of the display picking out our first terrarium and actually left the store with one.  We named him Bob and he sits proudly on the side table in our living room (he’s the one in the middle on the top shelf, in the round container).

Bob may be small, but he brings a natural warmth to our big open living room, even on the dreariest days.


This post is part of Blogging U’s Photo 101 Class, where I’ll be posting a photo each weekday with an interpretation of the given theme.

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