natural world

While I enjoy taking shots of the natural world around me, we’re right in that “shoulder season” phase where it’s still winter but not quite spring.  As such, most things are still dormant and not a very pleasant shade of hibernation, so it was difficult to find anything of interest to photograph.  It also didn’t help that it’s been relatively gloomy and we just got a small dump of snow that further contributed to the gloominess.

So I had to dig into my archives to find a shot to represent this theme.  I went way back to 2011.  I love taking photos of flowers because of the plethora of colours, shapes, sizes, and varieties that abound.  A field of blooming flowers is a sight to behold.  I don’t recall what this particular flower is, sadly; the texture is remarkable – almost resembling a starfish – and I love the contrast between the purple and green.  To know that such things exist in this world is truly fascinating.


This post is part of Blogging U’s Photo 101 Class, where I’ll be posting a photo each weekday with an interpretation of the given theme.

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