street – the suburban life

The first few nights at our new house, I found it incredibly difficult to fall asleep.  There was the “new home” feeling to get used to of course, but the main issue was the lack of street noise at night in our new neighbourhood.

Having lived in a downtown apartment for over five years before we moved into our suburban home, both Mark and I were quite adept at falling asleep while surrounded by all types of noises.  Our apartment was conveniently located on one of the main roads, just outside of the downtown core.  This meant traffic 24/7, heaviest during rush hour.  When the summer heat was especially oppressive, we often kept our windows and the balcony door closed because the road noise made it difficult to watch TV without hiking the volume up to ridiculous levels.

Besides the road noise, we also had to contend with the weekend crowd that frequented the gay bar across the street.  Summertime was especially noisy; we never slept with our bedroom window open because of the drunken screaming and occasional brawls that would fill the night.

Then there were the sirens. Oh the joys of living downtown.

We left all that behind when we packed it in and moved into the suburbs.  The busy downtown street of our apartment is now replaced by quiet, wider roads.  Our view is no longer of office towers or condo buildings.  The road we live on never sees rush hour traffic like downtown Calgary.

So, that very first night when I lay my head down on my pillow, all I could think about was how quiet it was.  A car would occasionally drive by, but it was pin-drop silent.  Our busy, bustling and always noisy street was now replaced with suburban peace and quiet.  No more screaming drunk people, no more sirens, no more steady stream of cars driving by at all hours.

It’s amazing how accustomed we had become to having so much noise around us that I was complaining of it being too quiet.  But just a couple of weeks later, I came to embrace the tranquil silence and quickly came to love my new street.


This post is part of Blogging U’s Photo 101 Class, where I’ll be posting a photo each weekday with an interpretation of the given theme.

8 thoughts on “street – the suburban life

  1. We’re in our own little battle with highway noise at our new house. I like the background noise and my husband, well he likes the noise he just wishes it sounded more like crickets. We may compromise with a new aquarium in the bedroom.

    I love the picture. The cookie cutter buildings and the tinted sky give it a real melancholy feel. Like it’s peaceful, but safe and boring at the same time.


    1. The strange thing is, I can usually sleep through anything but now that it’s so quiet, it’s like any noise no matter how big or small gets magnified, if that makes sense.
      Thanks for your feedback! Haha yeah, our neighbourhood is certainly peaceful, safe, and yes, boring. Nothing exciting happens and I quite like it that way now.

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