Ever since Mark brought home an espresso machine a few years ago, he’s churned out hundreds of drinks.  Occasionally, he dreams of packing it in as an engineer and becoming a barista.  This has basically become his “thing” – he prides himself on making a mean latte and he does an admirable job of it, if I say so myself.

Capturing what “home” means to me in a single snapshot led me to this little espresso machine that has become an essential part of our everyday life.  I can’t imagine my home without Mark and I can’t imagine my day starting without a cup of his latte.  Every morning without fail, while I prepare our breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, he’s at the machine pulling espresso and frothing cream.

To me, home is comfort and home is routine.  Home is where things feel natural and free and uncomplicated.

Home is where my engineer husband makes me awesome lattes that I think rival what I could buy from any proper coffee shop.


This post is part of Blogging U’s Photo 101 Class, where I’ll be posting a photo each weekday with an interpretation of the given theme.

14 thoughts on “home

  1. I should have taken a photo of my Keurig instead of my house for the home assignment. It is the first thing I use in the morning.

    I tried using an espresso maker and can never make it like they do at Starbucks. This is a great photo. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you! I’m probably biased, but I think my husband’s espresso is better than Starbucks. Not sure what the trick is. We don’t use fancy coffee beans (Kirkland brand from Costco)… maybe because it’s made with love? Is that cheesy? Ok it’s cheesy…

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