on getting older and feeling “different”

While out on a Sunday afternoon walk with our furball Sammy, Mark said something interesting that's been brewing around in my head: "I feel... different." This was in context to a conversation we were having about why he might've caught a nasty cold, even though he took all the typical precautions to keep himself healthy... Continue Reading →

books I read in 2016

At the beginning of 2016, I set myself a challenge to read at least one book per month. This was to address the dwindling amount of books I was getting through each year, which became increasingly shameful as I consider myself a proud, self-professed book lover with a habit of staying up all night to... Continue Reading →

being authentic

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. - e.e. cummings My love for writing and art developed at a very young age. Whether it's because real life could sometimes be a little boring or that I found freedom in expressing myself through these mediums (or maybe both), I primarily lived... Continue Reading →

comfort zone

When I think about my comfort zone, what immediately comes to mind is "couch, lounge pants, cup of tea, with a movie or book."  I enjoy spending time alone in my own world and as an introvert, this time alone is essential for recharging.  Usually an hour of being in my comfort zone is all... Continue Reading →

the quaint charm of quebec city

After a very brief stopover in Toronto (literally just 18 hours) to see my brother - where our big highlight was the Soon Tofu restaurant he took us to - the next stop on our wee Eastern Canada getaway was the quaint Quebec City. And yes, it was still cold and wintery... even colder and... Continue Reading →

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