Hello and welcome to Espressuccino, the personal blog of Cindy Cheung. Espressuccino is a portmanteau derived from my two favourite art prints of espresso and cappuccino. I’m also an all-around coffee lover, so there’s that.

Here you’ll find a small collection of my things: snapshots, musings, and other things in between. I particularly enjoy taking photos of food and my adopted rescue mutt Sammy, which you will find in abundance posted on Instagram. Sometimes I like to write grand stories and I plan to write and publish at least one novel in my lifetime.

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I’m a freelance technical writer and graphics communicator based in Calgary, Alberta. My portfolio/business site is cindykcheung.com

Once upon a time, I ran a food blog. While no longer updated, you can check it out here.

I’m married to my soulmate: an incredibly kind, generous, funny, and ridiculously logical man named Mark. He makes really good lattes and if his sideburns grow too long, he looks like an Asian Elvis. He loves making complex Excel spreadsheets and his eyes light up whenever he can answer the “why” behind mathematical theories and equations. In his spare time, he listens to various podcasts and reads books on financial investments.

Our family also consists of an adopted rescue mutt named Sammy, a shepherd mix with short legs, giant ears, and a big furry tail that spins around like a helicopter when she’s excited (“booty shake”). In Sammy’s abundant spare time, she naps voraciously, demands multiple belly rubs from her humans, and is always on the lookout for snacks.

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learning to let go or being more like a dog

Sammy came to us as a shy, withdrawn, and quiet dog. When she first came to live with us, she approached our home with such caution, her eyes filled with apprehension and a sense of “wtf just happened, what is this place and who are these humans?” Despite her initial reluctance to settle in, she bonded […]

on getting older and feeling “different”

While out on a Sunday afternoon walk with our furball Sammy, Mark said something interesting that’s been brewing around in my head: “I feel… different.” This was in context to a conversation we were having about why he might’ve caught a nasty cold, even though he took all the typical precautions to keep himself healthy […]

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Good Eats: A selection of my top restaurant meal photos.

Good Sweets: A selection of my top restaurant dessert/sweets photos.

Handmade Sweets: Mostly photos of my homemade ice creams, but a few of cookies and muffins to change things up.

Homecooking: Some of my favourite home cooked meals.

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